The consistently warm sea temperature makes swimming a pleasure year round, the area enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures all around the year.  The humidity is high, it varies between 76% and 81%. The yearly average temperature for the region is around 26C and around 1400mm of rain falls each year.

The water temperature averages about 27C for the year, fluctuating from 23C at its coolest around February, almost getting up to 30C in September.

February to May

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, with very little rain and flowers everywhere. The ocean gets quieter and warmer as the temperature goes higher! With warmer waters by May this is usually the time that the jelly fish, or "agua mala" come to our shores.

May is a perfect time of the year to go cenote (underground rivers )hunting!

Nights can still be cool, but a sweater is rarely needed.

June to August

Visitors can excpect hot sunny summer wheather with occasional rainfall. This is when the sea is more calm and when shows it best blue and turquoise shadesWater is so warm that you can stay in it for hours. There is some rainfall in the afternoon and evenings, but it never lasts very long. During this season there are some electrical storms The nights do not get much cooler so for a truly good night sleep air-conditioning and a good fan are highly recommended.

September and October

These 2 months are the season of tropical storms and hurricanes.  There are not hurricanes every year, there actually very rare but it does rain a lot and there are some windy days during this season. You can have beautiful sunny days but you can also have many rainy days on a row.  It is still hot and humid with days and evenings registering similar temperatures.

 November to January

This is the best time to visit Riviera Maya. November, December and January are the coldest months; this means that its very comfortable. There might be some rains but not daily. Nights can get to be cold (temperature descended until 12C) North winds usually find their way to Playa, but remember that the sun is still powerful, this allows you to enjoy the beach during the day