Vacation Home Property Management Services

Moskito was created based on the needs of highly demanding vacation homeowners who expect an extremely professional and personal service.

Moskito offers a full line of services for the owner who wishes to place his home on the rental market.

  • Inspections for maintenance once a week, repairs, security and payment of expenses. (Electricity, water, taxes, cable or satellite TV, etc.)
  • We provide humidity control devices, which we will refill or change as needed.
  • Every two weeks we provide maintenance and maid services.
  • A monthly report will be generated.
  • Available staff 24 hours 365 days, to provide fast solutions to all your needs
  • Moskito aims to your peace of mind, so when you visit your home you will only have to worry about enjoying your vacation.

Having a property in a tropical environment requires a lot of maintenance, and special measures need to be taken to preserve the value of your property and its contents.

Moskito also helps you generate rental income

  • We promote your property for rent in national and international Real Estate agencies.
  • We work toghether with top quality operators around the world.
  • Appear in real estate advertisement.
  • We offer:Inspection, maid and inventory services before and after each rental to a third party.
  • We take care of collecting deposit and rental payment from tenants.
  • Pay bills charged to the property during each rental.
  • Bottled water, toilet paper, lighting bulbs and soap is provided.
  • Take care of tenant concerns and needs.